Omet Pharma was founded by a group of ex-Actavis colleagues that decided to create a pharmaceutical company with an entrepreneurial spirit, focused on prioritising simplicity, transparency, quality and altruism.

Omet Pharma is about getting affordable medicine to patients and building a healthy business with an engaged team and good partners. This is a complex task requiring commitment and professionalism from all involved; and where even the smallest contribution, idea or decision, can make all the difference for our success.

Why Omet Pharma?

Carl Linnaeus is one of the most famous Uppsala University professors. Linnaeus created the system for classifying and naming nature, and the foundation of his system is still in use today throughout the scientific world. You may have heard the quote “God created, Linnaeus classified”. One of his mottos was ”Omnia Mirari Etiam Tritissima”, which loosely translates into “Find wonder in everything, even the most ordinary”. In the Omet Pharma world it means attention to details and respect for everyone’s contribution.

Anders Jungbeck, CEO

History and key milestones

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